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Why Hire an Offshore Development Team?


Hiring an offshore team can help you achieve your business goals productively and with cost efficiency, but how do you know that outsourcing is the best option for your business?  There are many benefits to hiring offshore, and even some risk involved.


Allshore Virtual Staffing makes hiring offshore convenient. We offer developers that are well vetted through a very intensive interview process. We also offer a two-manager team to assist with HR and management duties. This allows you to focus where you want with your projects and business without the pressure of interviewing applicants, handling taxes, processing requests, or monitoring your team.


Offshore teams are typically contracted for specified work on a fixed term, making the overall cost of hiring an in-house team seem like a hassle in comparison. Furthermore, with the continuous change in technology, it can be complicated to manage an in-house team; offshore teams save you from that hassle. You can easily switch between teams and opt for developers that have the right skillset for you. Additionally, working offshore gives you the freedom to add or remove team members when needed. 

Cost Efficiency

One of the most substantial benefits of outsourcing is cost efficiency. In comparison to U.S.-based teams, offshore teams can save you up to 20 percent on development costs alone. In addition to lower development cost, outsourcing saves you money on in-house amenities. A remote team removes the need for office space, electricity, office supplies, technology, and internet. With Allshore, you also save on health insurance and internal management. Working with a cost-efficient team allows you to focus your budget on the growth of your business.

Increased Productivity

An established company can be very helpful when unexpected project changes and challenges pop up. Hiring offshore can save you time and money by allowing you to grow your team much more quickly. And with companies like Allshore, most of the interview process is handled for you; our goal is to find talented candidates for you so you can focus on who they are and what they can bring to the table.

Choose Carefully

Hiring an inexperienced team will result in low-quality results. That’s why you should invest wisely in a company with standards that match your own to avoid issues in the long run. Don't be afraid to be transparent about your requirements and goals when hiring a team offshore to ensure smooth development. We also recommend sharing the core values, goals, and practices that define your business with your team to keep to make sure they understand what they're working towards.

Tune in next week for more information on how to hire a development team!

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