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Allshore Virtual Staffing is a remote staffing agency helping startups in the U.S. hire remote software engineers to work as full-time employees. Allshore provides all technical and managerial support via our client services and technology mentorship teams based in Norman, Okla. Contact Allshore today to schedule a free consultation call with a remote staffing specialist or request a free trial of our services.
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6 Common Startup Recruiting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Find out how you can avoid the 6 most common startup recruiting mistakes that founders make while hiring key talent for their initial startup teams.

Is Technical Talent Shortage Hurting Your Startup Growth?

Addressing the technical talent demand-supply gap, how it is hurting startup success, and how to overcome it and hire the best talent for your startup.

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Find out how you can recruit top talent on an early stage startup budget and immediately scale your product development for infinite success.

Featured Team Member: Andrea Gudbergsson

Meet Andrea Gudbergsson, a Client Relations Manager and our featured team member! We talked with Andrea to learn more about her work and life experiences.

How can Startups keep Flexible Contracts in Offshore Software Development?

Does a lack of accountability keep you from hiring offshore talent? Learn how flexible contracts can protect your startup in offshore software development.

How Is Your Offshore Development Partner Providing You Legal Protection?

Find out how to effectively leverage legal protection and enforce confidentiality agreements when working with an offshore software development partner.

The Cost-Value Analysis of Offshore Development Teams

How does offshore development talent compare to hiring software developers on-site? Find out with our cost-value analysis of offshore development teams.

Eid ul-Fitr

Eid ul-Fitr is the most widely celebrated of all Muslim holidays and is very important in Pakistani culture. It espouses family, faith, and unity.

Ramadan: The Holy Month of Revelation

The holiest month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is held as a time of fasting, purity, and reflection, observed with awe-inspiring dedication.

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