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How to Hire a WordPress Developer

HOW TO Hire a Wordpress developer

As a low cost, open-source Content Management System (CMS) with unlimited management features, it is easy to see how WordPress has become such a popular option for keeping your site up to date. Building a low cost and efficient development team is not as simple, however, so we’ve put together a guide to help you.

Technical Skills

The first and perhaps most important quality to look for in a developer is technical skill. A Wordpress developer should be comfortable with programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and XML.

When evaluating technical skill, be transparent about your project requirements and overall goal. This will help your candidate to get an idea of what skills they may need to discuss and ultimately set you both up for success.


After you asses your candidate’s technical skills, reviewing their portfolio can provide insight into their projects and experience. This will help you determine if they deliver quality work efficiently.


Reviewing your candidate’s portfolio and technical ability will help you get an idea of their experience. This will help you determine if they are capable of working on your project and providing quality product.

Soft skills

While technical skills are crucial to the success of any website development project, soft skills will affect your developer’s productivity and motivation. Soft skills like written and verbal communication, problem-solving, prioritizing, and critical thinking are also essential to ensuring your project’s smooth completion.

Project timelines

Allshore Virtual Staffing provides well-vetted and experienced developers, but we rely on you to provide project management. It’s important to devise a development plan for your developers to follow. This will them prioritize work and have a guideline to follow and help you assess your team’s performance.


Security breaches are a threat that most modern websites face. Before hiring your WordPress developer, make sure to have legally binding contracts to protect your code. Allshore has a Non-Disclosure (NDA) and Scope of Service (SOS) agreement to help protect your data.


WordPress is a convenient and affordable CMS, but you will always need an experienced team to push your project to success. Reviewing technical and soft skills will help you to find a qualified developer to add to your team while legal agreements protect your code.


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