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How to Find the Best Laravel Developer for your Team


Laravel is a trusted, user-friendly PHP framework designed to handle multiple projects. Hiring an outsourced Laravel developer allows you the same convenience of an in-house team while saving you the cost of local expenses. 

Tips for hiring a Laravel web developer

Using our 11 years of expertise in the industry, Allshore Virtual Staffing has put together a guide for hiring the perfect Laravel team.

Technical skills

Great technical skills are vital to the success of your project. At Allshore, our developers are vetted through an intensive interview system to ensure excellent technical and communication ability before they are hired.

However, you are the only one that can determine which individual is the best fit for your project. A good Laravel developer should also be proficient in PHP and HTML and work well with the rest of your team.


A developer’s resume or portfolio says a lot about their skills and achievements. Reviewing these for your candidate will allow you to see first hand what relevant experience they have and how they have applied it in the past. This knowledge will help you in finding the best fit for your project needs.

Test the developer face-to-face

If you still have questions after a resume and portfolio review, we recommend testing your candidate’s skills in a video or voice call to provide a full spectrum view of their relevant skills. This also gives you an opportunity to initiate conversation and get an idea of your candidate’s communication style. Make sure that you express your expectations and requirements with them beforehand.

Review the developer’s Laravel proficiency

As a Laravel developer, your candidate should have exceptional knowledge and experience with PHP frameworks as well as a basic understanding of other technologies like HTML, CSS,  and JavaScript. They should also have knowledge of payment methods and gateway, CRM, and e-commerce. Assuring that your candidate has experience in these areas will help to ensure the success of your business relationship together.


After taking all your candidate’s technical and communication skills into consideration, you will need to consider their dedication to the successful completion of your project. Allshore provides reliable developers and management that are dedicated to the success of your project. With this dedicated and talented team, your project is guaranteed success. 


When building a successful Laravel team, it’s important to consider your candidate’s technical skills and experience. Thoroughly reviewing your candidate’s portfolio and resume as well as testing their communication and technical ability helps to set you up for success.

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